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Ria-Two Sdn Bhd is widely recognized as a progressive Bumiputra wholesale and trading company Registered as a dedicated government supply contractor, wee see ourselves as an important contributor to the efficient and effective provision of a wide range of office products and services for dealers as well as the government and corporate sectors.

We constantly add value to our customers' money by providing real product/service solutions that are tailored to their specific and individual office needs and requirements. Well-positioned to serve the nation as a One-stop Office Solutions Company, we constantly place utmost importance to product/service quality, customer service efficiency and competitive pricing practice.



Our Vision

RIA-TWO SDN. BHD.  Vision is to become a leading Bumiputera-owned One-Stop Wholesale and Retail Centre for total stationery and office supplies in the Klang Valley. 


We will achieve our vision by upholding firmly to the following Corporate Philosophy: 


•  To be committed to total integrity in our dealings with customers. 
•  To focus on providing solutions that will help them grow and succeed further. 
•  To work closely with customers as their partners, problem solvers and advisors. 
•  To give value-for-their money, quality and excellence in products and services.


•  To create economic, professional and personal satisfaction to our employees. 
•  To treat them as the company’s most important assets. 
•  To encourage a balance of commitment and time for the family, work, religion and the


•  To create an environment that embraces change, creativity and innovation. 
•  To provide stimulating working atmosphere and create meaningful opportunities for all.


•  To promote and encourage team relationship with partners and suppliers. 
•  To consistently create a win-win situation in all of our dealings with them.